Know our history

Patch is a project for the textile market that was founded in 2010 with the aim of covering a very clear gap in the men's clothing sector by providing a series of differentiating elements that, all together, offer a solution for consumption to the sector of clients who are increasingly but they join the fashion market.

Patch offers a total look of garments made with very good fabrics and manufacturing qualities, and with an image appropriate to our time without stridency, where the secret is not in being different or exclusive due to the print on the shirt or the applications on the pants. , but because of the way in which the different products in our collection are combined.

"We like simple clothes, but with well-studied patterns, we dedicate a lot of time to pattern-making and fitting. We are also passionate about colors, and we offer colors
unique every season" comments Curro Ariza, founder of the brand.

Patch works with local workshops or production centers that allow for great agility and speed of reaction, in addition to promoting an industry of high quality and historical tradition.

First steps

This is how Patch begins

We do a market study to see where there is a gap in the fashion segment that we consider is unfilled.

Little big steps

First Opening

Opening of the first Patch store c/ Blanca de Navarra 3, which was originally used as a testing laboratory for both products and manufacturers.

We continue to grow

We settle

Opening of our most iconic store on 41 Velázquez Street, located in a natural traffic area for our target customer in addition to being the area where the big brands are concentrated.

Timeless basics

Custom finished

Opening of the Paseo de la Habana store that covers the other large natural transit area of ​​our target.